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  • How long are my juices good?
    All Green Power®️ juices, shots and waters are marked with expiry dates! Our bottles have the inscription "To be consumed preferably before DD/MM/YY" on the back of the bottle, under the label. If you buy our products in store, you will find this date on top of the cap!
  • Where are the juices made?
    We proudly manufacture our juices in the Paris region, where the products are selected at the Rungis market for their incredible quality and exceptional freshness.
  • Are there any added sugars?
    No! Fruits, and then THAT'S ALL.
  • How many calories do your juices contain?
    At Green Power®️, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs. We have low-calorie options, and more consistent options. You can find all the nutritional information on our individual product pages. Simply click on the desired juice on the shop page to see its nutritional information.
  • Why do Green Power®️ bottles look different from those before?
    You may notice that our bottles have a slightly different appearance and weight from those before. Designing a lighter bottle with a higher percentage of rPET has reduced our overall use of virgin plastic. This change has reduced the weight of our bottles by 12% without compromising the content and has saved us more than 300,000 pounds of virgin plastic each year.
  • I have an allergy to nuts, is it safe for me to drink your products?
    If you have an allergy to nuts, we recommend that you do not consume our products. Our facility processes nuts (almonds and coconuts).
  • Why do juices have different colors and tastes from time to time?
    Just as the products you buy have natural variations, so do our juices! Tastes and colors may vary due to the natural variations of the products due to the season.
  • Why don't you use glass bottles?
    We use a process called HPP to remove any harmful bacteria from our product. This process requires considerable force on the bottle that the glass cannot withstand. Any juice sold in a glass bottle has either been heat-treated or is manufactured on site.
  • Do you recycle?
    Yes, we recycle our bottles and we recommend that you do it too! We also recycle the by-products of our juices, which are sent for composting, we have reduced the use of virgin plastic. Not only have we converted our 2 oz shot bottles into environmentally friendly bottles made of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (or rPET), but we have also converted our 15 oz premium water bottles into rPET 2 oz shot bottles.
  • Is the juice kosher?
    No, but soon! Green Power®️ controls all the production steps we are simply waiting for the necessary authorizations.
  • How are the juices made?
    Each of our juices is cold pressed using a hydraulic press. The press uses enormous pressure to slowly and delicately extract the flavor, nutrients and enzymes from fresh products.
  • Is the juice organic?
    Green Power®️ is not certified organic by the GFSI. We are very keen to use local and seasonal products to press our juices cold. This allows us to keep our juices at an affordable price. We follow our mission: to make things simple, make it taste good, make it affordable and do it for everyone.
  • How should I store juices and shots?
    Juices and shots should always stay in the refrigerator until you are ready to consume them.
  • Can I freeze my juices?
    Yes! However, you will have to remove some of the juice to make room for expansion! If the contents are not removed, the bottles can expand and open in the freezer.
  • If a bottle is swollen, is it safe to consume it?
    No! If you receive a swollen bottle, do not consume it because the product may be damaged.
  • How many fruits and vegetables are used to make a juice?
    Up to four kilos of fruits and vegetables!
  • Are your products safe to consume during pregnancy?
    Please consult your doctor! We use a process called HPP, however, our juices are not pasteurized.
  • What is HPP?
    At Green Power, we use HPP, which means High Pressure Processing, designed to guarantee the safety of our product. We use HPP because it helps the product maintain the highest nutritional density while minimally impacting vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition. HPP consists of passing a bottle of juice into a cold room filled with water and applying high pressure, high enough to inactivate potentially dangerous pathogens.
  • Is the juice pasteurized?
    No, all Green Power®️ juices go through a process called HPP (High Pressure Processing).
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